Responses to the most common questions about our efforts to address Big Cottonwood Canyon traffic congestion and Salt Lake County air quality are in the Q&A below:
Why was paid parking announced after 2019/20 season passes had been sold?
There were many factors to consider and decisions to make regarding our initiatives, and that took significant time. We made our announcement as soon as plans were finalized. We realize that the timing of this announcement was not ideal for many, but we weighed it against the frustration that endured among skiers and riders who were unable to park at Solitude or reliably travel in Big Cottonwood Canyon last season. We are fully committed to improving access and experience for all of our guests, and we believe the greatest risk we faced was not to take any action.

Will the act of paying for parking create a bottleneck at Solitude’s entrance, causing traffic to back up into BCC?
In short, no. As cars enter the parking lot, an employee will quickly evaluate occupancy and hand the driver a code that reflects the number of people in the car. After parking, guests will use an app or kiosk located near the lodge to enter their code and license plate number, and then pay the appropriate amount. For those who purchase a season parking pass, their license plate will be listed as “paid” in the system all season long. This process is in place at other ski resorts and has been shown to be quick and easy.

Will I be required to pay $20 each day to park?
There are a number of options available to pay reduced parking fees. Ikon Pass and Solitude season pass holders can purchase a season parking pass for $150. Guests who carpool with 3 people will pay $10, and those with 4+ people will pay $5. To assist with carpooling, a soon-to-be-released ride-sharing app will provide opportunities to offer rides or join rides to Solitude. All Ikon Pass and Solitude season pass holders are offered free UTA Ski Bus rides to Solitude. Finally, parking is free for all guests after 2:00 p.m.

How do I purchase a parking season pass?
Parking season passes will be available for purchase via a link to be added to this page in October.

Did Solitude inform UTA of its plans prior to the announcement?
Yes, we informed UTA of our plans, and they are in full support of our initiatives. We understand that UTA Ski Bus service has significant room for improvement. While we cannot control UTA's decisions regarding bus routes and park-and-ride lots, we are constantly advocating for expanded service for our guests.

If you intend to encourage carpooling or public transportation usage, why did you add spaces to your parking lot?
After last season, we were determined to use every tool at our disposal to reduce traffic and parking congestion near the resort. Solitude benefits from more than enough on-mountain capacity to accommodate increasing skier visits, but our parking lots were short of supply and any successful solution requires a multifaceted approach.

Does Solitude believe this to be a solution to BCC congestion?
We believe our initiatives will contribute to improvements, but we are hopeful that our actions will lead others to take action. Ultimately, canyon congestion and air quality can only be improved if others join our cause. We chose to address the situation head-on and be a leader in working to develop long-term transportation solutions.

Ride share for clean air

Our Initiatives
Solitude Mountain Resort is making a commitment to encourage carpooling and the use of public transportation when traveling to the resort. For the 2019/20 winter season, we are introducing the following initiatives to do our part while creating a more positive experience for our guests:
To encourage carpooling, Solitude offers reduced rates and preferential parking to multi-occupancy vehicles. To amplify our commitment to improving Utah’s air quality, a portion of parking proceeds are donated to Breathe Utah, a clean air advocacy organization.

Approximately 200 new spaces have been added to the Moonbeam lot, easing parking congestion on Highway 190 near the resort while reducing erosion that can be harmful to the Salt Lake City watershed.

We have long provided free UTA Ski Bus access to our season pass holders, and that benefit has now been extended to all Ikon Pass holders.

We provide employee shuttles for our winter staff, taking dozens of cars out of the canyon each day.

We are investing in a ride-sharing app that will allow Solitude skiers and snowboarders the ability to find carpool partners. The app will include incentives for teaming up to reduce pollution and congestion. More details will be announced this fall.

Newly-installed guest lockers on the ground levels of the Moonbeam Lodge and Snowsports building simplify and improve the experience of our guests riding the UTA Ski bus.
    • Carpooling is important to Solitude Mountain Resort and is essential to reducing congestion in Big Cottonwood Canyon while improving air quality. Our parking rates are tiered based on vehicle occupancy. Paid parking will be in effect 12:01 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. daily throughout the winter season.

      Guests will pay at a kiosk after parking their vehicles, alleviating crowding at the entrance of the parking lot.

      Daily Cost Per Vehicle
      4+ occupants: $5
      3 occupants: $10
      1 - 2 occupants: $20

      Parking Season Passes (available for Purchase soon)
      $150 for Ikon Pass and Solitude season pass holders
      $225 for non pass holders
      • Season passes will be valid for up to two cars, with a limit of one car per day
      • Parking season passes do not guarantee a spot or reserve a space; parking works on a space-available basis
      • Parking passes are non-refundable and non-transferable
      • No overnight parking
      When will paid parking be in effect?
      Paid parking will be in effect daily from 12:01 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. during the winter season

      Will the Village lot have paid parking?
      Yes, both the Moonbeam Base Area lot and the Solitude Village lot will have paid parking.

      Will the Nordic Center lot have paid parking?
      No, parking at the Solitude Nordic Center will continue to be free for our guests.

      Will the parking fee apply to handicapped spaces?
      Handicapped parking will be free, based on space available.

      Will lodging guests be required to pay for parking?
      Guests at The Inn at Solitude and Solitude Resort Lodging will receive complimentary parking for the duration of their stay for all vehicles in the party.

      Why are you charging for parking on days when the parking lot isn’t typically full?
      The goal of Solitude’s many transportation initiatives is to encourage staff and guests to develop habits of carpooling and using public transportation. Our vision of reducing air pollution and congestion in Big Cottonwood Canyon depends on a full-time commitment to reducing low-occupancy vehicles and motivating people to adopt other modes of transportation.

      Why charge for cars with 4+ occupancy?
      Our carpooling and public transportation initiatives, including employee vans and free UTA Ski Bus access, rely on revenue from all vehicles parking in our lots.

      What if I don’t have anyone to carpool with?
      Check the UTA Trip Planner to find the quickest way from door to slopes via public transportation. Solitude season pass and Ikon Pass holders ride the UTA Ski Bus free. Stay tuned for news on the release of a ride-sharing app.

      How do I access the UTA Ski Bus with my Ikon Pass or Solitude season pass?
      To ride the Ski Bus, simply tap your season pass on the electronic reader as you enter the bus. All Ikon Passes and Solitude season passes will be activated for free access to the UTA Ski Bus prior to opening day of the winter season.

      Will paying the parking fee cause delays at the entrances of Solitude?
      No, it shouldn't. Guests will pay at a kiosk after parking their vehicles, alleviating crowding at the entrance of the parking lot.
    • Complimentary access to the UTA Ski Bus is included in all Solitude season passes, including Ikon Passes. Fees do apply without a season pass — get latest rates by calling 801-RIDE-UTA.

      UTA Route 972 serves Solitude from the following park & rides:

      • Big Cottonwood Canyon & Wasatch Blvd
      • 6200 S & Wasatch Blvd
      • Midvale Fort Union Station
      • Bingham Junction Station

      View Bus Routes

    • Canyon Transportation
      Set up a shuttle ride in advance to and from Solitude with Canyon Transportation.

      Car Rentals There are various car rental options out of the Salt Lake City International Airport along with various branches inside the Salt Lake City Area. In the winter, please be sure to rent a 4 wheel drive vehicle with proper snow tires.

      Lyft/Uber Getting to Solitude Mountain Resort with Lyft/Uber is another option, but please note Uber/Lyft drivers are scarce in the canyon and it may be hard to find a ride down.
    • UDOT (Utah Department of Transportation) Guidelines for Travel in Big Cottonwood Canyon
      The UDOT requires that ALL vehicles traveling in the canyon between October 1 and April 30 must be four-wheel drive (4x4). They must also be equipped with approved snow tires with sufficient tread and identified by M + S (mud and snow) or a snowflake symbol on the sidewall of the tire. Absent approved tires, drivers must have properly-sized chains in the vehicle ready for use. Violators of these regulations will be ticketed.

      View Road Conditions
      See live road conditions and traffic information through UDOT Traffic cameras.

      Guardsman Pass Closure
      Connecting Big Cottonwood Canyon to Park City, Guardsman Pass is only open during summer and fall (conditions permitting). It will always be closed in the winter – typically from November 1 to May 25, but possibly longer depending on conditions. The only access between Solitude and Park City during the winter months is via 1-80.

      Ride Hailing Caution
      Getting to Solitude by Lyft or Uber is easy. However, you may find it difficult to summon a ride when you are ready to depart. This is due to the scarcity of available drivers in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Please use caution when planning to travel down the canyon. You may look to Canyon Transportation.

      Parking on Highway 190
      If you park along the highway in Big Cottonwood Canyon, all four tires must be right of the white line. Obey all posted signs and cones or risk being ticketed and towed. If your car is towed, call UPD (Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake) at 801.743.7000. UPS is the prevailing jurisdiction along Highway 190.

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