As a destination and a community, we’re committed to operating through climate-conscious, tangible practices that minimize our impact on the environment. We understand our responsibility in preserving the beauty of Big Cottonwood Canyon and encourage our guests to join us as we strive address these challenges. These are the pillars that guide our efforts.
    • Recycling: Solitude has been recycling since 2012. Efforts started with carboard and have expanded to include aluminum, cardboard, plastic, glass and food waste.

      Food Waste Diversion: Pounds recycled by location.

      Moonbeam LodgeLast Chance LodgeSolitude Village
      September 20215601,2802,080
      October 2021160480400
      November 2021000
      December 20211,2801,6002,080
      January 20228001,3761,600
      February 20224001,120960
      March 20226401,5202,480
      April 20222404801,600
      May 20221600480
      June 202201,440800
      July 20224001,280800
      August 20226401,4401,280
      Year Total5,28012,01614,560
      Our food waste diversions efforts have conserved 7.16 metric tons of carbon dioxide in the last year.

      Snowcats: Use biodegradable hydraulic fluid
    • Paid Parking: Reducing single occupancy cars in Big Cottonwood Canyon with significant carpool discounts to parking fees.

      Employee shuttle:
      15-passenger vans move employees to and from Solitude to reduce the number of private vehicles in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

      UTA Ski Bus:
      Solitude pays for all Solitude and Ikon Pass holders to ride the UTA Ski Bus free of charge in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. In 2019, when paid parking and expanded busses started, UTA Ski Bus ridership increased by 250 percent.

      Solar Energy:
      Powers all lifts at Solitude through renewable energy credits purchased from the Blue Sky program created by Rocky Mountain Power. Renewable energy credits fund energy from solar and wind instead of fossil fuels to lower our carbon footprint.

    • Black Rosy-Finch: Some of the least understood birds in North America, Solitude monitors Black Rosy-Finchs in partnership with Sageland Collaborative.

      Highway Cleanup: Each Spring after the season ends, Solitude employees cleanup the highway (SR-190) between Redman Campground and the Moonbeam Entrance.

      U.S. Forest Service: Work with forest service to plan projects in compliance with applicable regulations and mitigate the impact of operations.

      Cottonwood Canyon Foundation: Solitude works with the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation to help mitigate invasive species and maintain hiking trails in the canyon.

      Resource Conservation: Replacing faucets and toilets with low-flow models as they need to be replaced. Replacing light bulbs with LED bulbs as they need to be replaced.
    Ski with a Ranger: A free 45-Minute guided tour with a U.S. Forest Service naturalist ranger. Learn about Big Cottonwood Canyon’s unique geology, history, winter ecology, watershed, and wildlife.

    Ski with an Arborist:

    Guided snowshoe tours: In partnership with Cottonwoods Canyons Foundation.

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    Visit the Central Wasatch Commission environmental dashboard to learn about the historic and current environmental conditions of the Central Wasatch where we live and recreate.
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