Mountain Zen at the Solitude Mountain Spa
If you need a little more om to your ahh, treat yourself at the Solitude Mountain Spa. Long day mountain biking? Hop in the dry sauna. Foot cramps from stiff ski boots? Apply a pedicure or deep tissue massage. Whatever your pampering choice, our quaint mountain spa is great for a little ‘me’ time. Located at the Inn at Solitude, we offer a full array of luxurious services including facials, scrubs and more. This is Type I fun at its finest. Please call to book an appointment.

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    Solitude Custom Massage
    25 minutes: $90 | 60 minutes: $140 | 90 minutes: $200
    Speed recovery and increase flexibility with your own custom-tailored treatment. Combined with stretching, choose from therapeutic and relaxing, deep tissue work, or a blend of each.

    Mirror Massage
    60 minutes: $265
    Luxurious and immersive, four hands work in perfect unison in a remarkable experience that inspires a harmony of the senses.

    Hot Stone Massage
    90 minutes: $200
    A deeply soothing and relaxing massage that utilizes hot basalt stones to warm the muscles and melt away knots, tension, and stress while increasing circulation and overall well-being.

    Maternity Massage
    60 minutes: $140 | 90 minutes: $200
    Expectant mothers need special care and attention. Our trained therapists use a special support system based on your comfort level during the treatment to provide you and your baby with the most relaxing experience possible.

    45 minutes: $100
    Cryotonic Gel is applied to the legs, which are then tightly wrapped. This process relaxes, beautifies, and soothes tired legs while imparting a feeling of lightness. Next, our stretching massage enhances the feeling of lightness and improves blood flow. Cryotonic Gel offers natural relief for sore muscles, joints, tendons, bruises, and sprains.

    Couples Retreat
    90 minutes: $320 | 120 minutes: $440
    Enjoy a relaxing experience with your loved one, beginning with a 60-minute couples Signature Massage, followed by aromatherapy and a foot soak. Complete your retreat by adding wine or a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice and hors d'oeuvres for $38.

    1001 Botanical Moisturizing Facial
    60 minutes: $140 | 90 minutes: $200
    This traditional Tahitian treatment incorporates a bouquet of floral extracts into serums and creams that will moisturize the most parched skin. A final mask of warm fondant-textured cream is painted over the skin.

    City Life Oxygenating Facial
    60 minutes: $140 | 90 minutes: $200
    Designed to counteract the destructive effects of pollution and urban living, this facial detoxifies and oxygenates the skin. A choice of serum is first applied to either eliminate dull tones or restore radiance, followed by a moisturizing sorbet that revitalizes the skin and protects your complexion.

    3-Dimension Wrinkle
    60 minutes: $150 | 90 minutes: $210
    Mimicking three injectable enhancements, this facial smooths wrinkles and redefines facial contours while relaxing expression lines, filling hollowed tissue, and plumping deep wrinkles.

    Golden Veil Smoothing Facial
    60 minutes: $150 | 90 minutes: $210
    This sparkling treatment begins with a Golden Peel to brighten and refine the skin's texture, followed by a quenching and plumping facial massage. The finishing touch is a Golden Supreme Mask to detoxify and smooth the skin for a complexion that shimmers with health.

    Facial Enhancements
    $25 each
    Add one upgrade of your choosing to any facial; plumping lip smoother, skin firming, eye focus, or wrinkle repair.
    One of these upgrades is included in all 90-minute facials.
    Must be incorporated with a 60-minute or longer treatment.

    Restorative Scalp Treatment
    20 minutes: $45
    Camellia oil, rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, is applied to the hair and scalp, followed by a relaxing massage that provides relief from muscle tension. After your treatment, we recommend relaxing in the sauna which allows the oil to further penetrate the skin and enhance its conditioning benefits.

    Foot Focus
    30 minutes: $45
    Beginning with hot towels and essential oil compressions, this massage focuses on flex points of the feet.

    Experience the healing power of touch with our unique essential oil blends, restoring harmony to the mind, body, and spirit. Your therapist will help select the perfect oil for you.

    Sea Scrub
    30 minutes: $75
    Skin is scrubbed and polished with marine salt crystals that exfoliate and chondrus crispus oil that moisturizes the skin. Finish with a Moroccan rose and jasmine extract cream that smooths and hydrates the body.

    Detoxifying or Contouring Body Scrub
    75 minutes: $190
    Stimulates metabolism and delivers essential trace elements to the body. A silky multi-exfoliant scrub, which combines three types of exfoliation to smooth and renew the skin, is followed by a body wrap and finished with moisturizing cream to prevent cellular fatigue.

    Rhassoul Body Ritual
    75 minutes: $190
    Experience a traditional beauty secret of the Moroccan people. Begin with our passion flower exfoliation cream to renew the skin, followed by a body mask of pure Moroccan clay, and finished with an application of a Moroccan rose and jasmine extract cream that smooths and hydrates the body.

    Rhassoul Wrap
    60 minutes: $125
    Warm Moroccan clay is applied to the entire body to rejuvenate and nourish the skin followed by a warm rinse and application of luxurious rose and jasmine extract cream that smooths and hydrates the body.

    Golden Spa Body Ritual
    75 minutes: $190
    Our Golden Spa Ritual offers a dazzling experience to rejuvenate the skin and relax the body. Passion Flower exfoliating cream will leave you with a satiny soft feeling, while a Golden Body Wrap cocoons you in the warmth of gold and flowers to detoxify, hydrate, and boost elasticity. The ritual is finished with an application of our moisturizing body milk.

    Custom Manicure
    Includes mineral mud masque


    Custom Pedicure
    Includes mineral mud masque

    Best of the Mountain
    4.15 hours: $430
    Enjoy a day of services, including our Rhassoul Body Ritual, 60-minute Solitude Custom Massage, 60-minute Oxygenating Facial, and a Custom Pedicure.

    2 hours: $230
    Designed to provide stress relief and revitalization. Includes a Sea Scrub, Foot Focus, and choice of 60-minute Solitude Custom Massage or 60-minute Oxygenating Facial.

    Waxing available upon request.

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