Mountain Zen at the Solitude Mountain Spa
If you need a little more om to your ahh, treat yourself at the Solitude Mountain Spa. Long day mountain biking? Hop in the dry sauna. Foot cramps from stiff ski boots? Apply our Foot Focus enhancement to a Signature Massage. Whatever your pampering choice, our quaint and tranquil mountain spa is great for a little ‘me’ time. Located in the lower level of The Inn at Solitude, in the Solitude Village, we offer a full array of luxurious services including facials, massage, and more. This is Type 1 fun at its finest! Please call or book an appointment online.

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Book an appointment with one of our licensed and professionally trained therapists online or call 801.535.4137.

    Solitude Signature Massage
    30 minutes: $90 | 60 minutes: $140 | 90 minutes: $215
    Speed up recovery and increase flexibility with your own custom-tailored treatment. Combined with stretching, choose from therapeutic and relaxing, deep tissue work, or a blend of each.

    Hot Stone Massage
    60 minutes: $160 | 90 minutes: $235
    A deeply soothing and relaxing massage that utilizes hot basalt stones to warm the muscles and melt away knots, tension, and stress while increasing circulation and overall well-being.

    Maternity Massage
    60 minutes: $140 | 90 minutes: $215
    Expectant mothers need special care and attention. Our trained therapists use a special support system based on your comfort level during the treatment to provide you and your baby with the most relaxing experience possible.

    45 minutes: $110
    Cryotonic Gel with Arnica is applied to the legs, which are then tightly wrapped in plastic. The gel penetrates quickly to relax and soothe stiff, tired legs while imparting a feeling of lightness. Next, our stretching massage enhances that feeling by improving blood flow and range of motion. Cool therapy offers natural relief for sore muscles, joints, tendons, bruises, and sprains.

    Signature Couple's Massage
    60 minutes: $280 | 90 minutes: $430
    Enjoy a relaxing experience with your loved one in our beautiful couple's room! Increase flexibility and accelerate muscle recovery with your own custom-tailored treatment. Combined with stretching, choose from therapeutic and relaxing, deep tissue work, or a blend of both.

    Couple's Retreat
    90 minutes: $340 | 120 minutes: $490
    Indulge in a relaxing experience with your loved one, beginning with a 30-minute foot soak in minerals derived from the Great Salt Lake while enjoying a charcuterie board and an artisan beverage. This is followed by a Signature Couple's Massage (60 or 90 minutes) by two of our renowned therapists.

    Custom Facial
    60 minutes: $150 | 90 minutes: $200
    We each have distinct, individual needs when it comes to skin care. Our luxurious facials are customized treatments delivered by a licensed, experienced esthetician. They’re designed to maintain and improve your skin by determining and addressing its unique needs — delivering the building blocks necessary for healthy skin with a radiant glow! Our esthetician will discuss a regimen with you that will best suit your desired results.
    Must be incorporated with a 60-minute or longer treatment.

    CBD Elevation
    No additional time required: $45
    Provides the ultimate compliment to any service. CBD is renowned for delivering anti-inflammatory, therapeutic and pain-relieving properties, while inducing a deep sense of calm.

    Restorative Scalp Ritual
    30 minutes: $45
    A luxurious blend of 7 different hot oils is applied to hair and scalp and massaged in for 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes in the sauna to lock in the benefits. This formula is designed to nourish, protect, moisturize, and revitalize.

    Foot Focus
    15 minutes: $30
    Beginning with hot towels and essential oil compressions, this massage focuses on flex points of the feet.

    Alpine Scrub
    30 minutes: $75
    Your skin will be scrubbed, polished, and renewed! Micro buffing beads gently exfoliate while a blend of jojoba, peach, and sunflower oils moisturize. This is followed by an application of hydrating body lotion with a delicate scent of wildflowers that absorbs immediately and leaves a velvety finish.

    Rocky Mountain Renewal
    75 minutes: $190
    Spoil yourself with soft, radiant skin this summer! This indulgent treatment begins with a silky, multi-exfoliant scrub, followed by a body mask of calming clay. While warmly wrapped, you’ll receive a scalp massage (upgrade and enhance with our hot oil for conditioning results), before rinsing. Afterwards, experience a luxurious application of herbal whipped body cream.

    CannaBliss CBD Treatment
    45 minutes: $115
    Enjoy the deeply relaxing effects of CBD (cannabidiol) while experiencing whole-body benefits. Renew your skin with an exfoliating, moisturizing and healing CBD sugar scrub made with organic botanicals and full-spectrum hemp. Following a warm rinse, receive an all-over application of rose-infused CBD oil, a sun-grown superfood for your skin. Elevate this experience by adding a massage!
    *Our CBD products do not contain THC and are not psychoactive. CBD is proven to reduce tension, soothe sore joints and muscles, alleviate stress and anxiety, and improve skin tone and elasticity, all while improving overall mood.

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