Plan ahead and check out the current weather and lift lines at Solitude. View what's going on around the resort and see the Moonbeam parking lot status. For the best viewing experience, visit our YouTube channel.

Honeycomb Canyon

Live view of Honeycomb Canyon and the Honeycomb Gate status. This camera may be shifted to show the Buckeye Junior Gate status before the Black Bess gate opens.

Live view from the top of Powderhorn II. Located at the top of the Powderhorn patrol shack.

Sunshine Bowl
Live view of Sunshine Bowl. Located above the main entrance of Roundhouse.

Solitude Snow Stake

This snow stake represents unofficial snowfall at the top of the mountain. These totals may differ from the official resort snowfall.

Moonbeam Parking Lot

Located on the East side of the Moonbeam parking lot above Canyon Fever retail store.

Moonbeam express Lift Line
Located on the rooftop deck at Moonbeam Lodge.

Apex Express and Sunrise Lift Lines

Located atop of Last Chance lodge with a live view of Apex Express and Sunrise lift lines.

Eagle Express Lift Line
Located at the base of Eagle Express. directed at the side of the lift line closest to the parking lot.

Summit express Lift Line
Located at the base of Summit Express on the lift gate.

Located at the top of the second entrance to Roundhouse.

Honeycomb Return Lift Line
Located at the base of Honeycomb Return on the lift gate.

Link Lift Line
Located at the base of Link on the lift gate.
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